The Fundamentals of Managed Document Review

Finding a compatible and efficient managed document review firm can be a daunting task. Managed document review is a complex system of tracking and security, the ability to quickly and efficiently find them, track changes to documents, and give specific people or firms access to those documents. Security is a large part of managed document review, especially in controlling who can see a document and make changes to it.

The Various Kinds of Managed Document Review

As many law firms are moving to electronic documents, legal documents range in type from electronic communication to paper contracts. Different firms serve different needs, and all kinds of documents can be included in a managed document review, from simple divorce papers served to litigated case files and research.

Fees for a Managed Document Review

Different law firms have different needs, so fees associated with managed document reviews will vary. While US law firms often charge between $25 and $55 per hour, international, outsourced firms will often charge a flat fee for services, or a fee per document reviewed.

How to Choose a Managed Document Review Firm

When choosing a managed document review firm, most companies are searching for good, solid security first and foremost. As each law firm requires different specialties from their particular document management groups, there are particular things to consider when choosing the best firm for you. Security is usually critical for companies needing secure documentation, with different security requirements for a range of documentation requests.

External security often involves locked file cabinets and notarized documents outlining access for those working on the documents. External security is the lockdown of documents that should not be shared. These documents should be placed carefully, with specific, written instructions for who can view and change them.

For documents that need to be tracked and managed internally, internal security is actually much more difficult to manage. Many law firms are e-filing documents, making them susceptible to cyber attack and viruses. The ability to track changes to documents long-term, deciding who can have access to documents, and who can make changes are all challenges of internal security for a managed document review.

The ability to quickly understand where a document is, who has accessed it, and who has changed it is critical to the success of the firm. Thus, traceability of documents is another key feature of a solid document management review organization.

Document searching is also important for success with a managed document review. The ability to quickly and accurately search for a document or even a phrase in a document is essential to any cases that require large volumes of documents to be used.

A professional managed document review company can help particular law firms decide how to manage the security of their documents, how to give or deny access, how to track changes, and how to appropriately manage their security funds. With the advent of e-documents, many firms are finding success in outsourcing their managed document review firms to places like India.

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