Present Your Software with a Powerful Windows Installer

InstallAware Studio is a powerful Windows installer providing a fully featured software installation solution in which to present your software. It provides support for all of the latest technologies and provides many advantages. To present your applications in an efficient and professional manner, this rapidly working Windows installer provides you with the features that you need while keeping development costs low and including full support for popular installation standards. InstallAware Studio provides hybrid installation technology, a feature which is exclusive to this software. This allows you to break through the barriers imposed by Windows Installer, making your setups faster, immune to corrupted file installation and more. You can also switch between native code and the Windows Installer setup engines whenever you need to.

The software also provides a simplified Windows Installer development, using powerful MSI code to simplify the development of software setups. It transparently manages Windows Installer conditions as well as installation sequences and parameters. The setup language is concise and human readable to be as user friendly as possible. Setup actions are configured with the use of dialogues and no further programming skills are required. The code builds a standard Windows Installer database which includes support for installation on demand, privilege installation, resiliency and advertising.

The software also supports Windows 7 straight out of the box. InstallAware Studio also makes use of the latest technology to make it as future proof as possible. 64 bit and 32 bit installers can also be made and even more impressively, these installers can also be merged into a single file. The setup file will take full advantage of any computer, by detecting and automatically supporting 64 bit systems. Having a hybrid installation executable makes things a great deal more convenient as you don’t need to supply two separate versions depending on your customer’s requirements. Setups can also be detected and managed on virtual machines. You can also check the target system, detecting whether the operating system is running on a virtual machine. There is a check box provided which allows you to limit distributions of your software on physical machines.

InstallAware Studio provides software developers with a wide range of support options for common installations standards. This makes your software as versatile as possible by supporting all of the popular standards. Complete MSI support is included using the most common, industry standard Windows Installer technology. Support for group policy management features is also included. There are no proprietary runtime packages and dependencies required. Every package is designed to comply with the certification denoted by the Windows logo. You can also create self-healing applications without having to change anything in your own program files. With installation on demand, you can also have advertisement short cuts which activate installation on demand for any of your other applications. The software can also take full advantage of elevated privilege installations. Windows driver install frameworks are also supported.

InstallAware Studio is absolutely packed full of features, more about which you can find out at the official product website;

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