Monitoring the Internet through the use of Web Filters

How Web filtering software blocks objectionable content

Teens and preteens browse the Internet daily and by chance, they end up clicking on objectionable content unknowingly or a link. Web filtering software helps to avoid this. This type of content gets added every day, and a free web filtering software is not sufficient to stop the porn content. Over two thousand porn sites get added to Google Index every day. To stop this, a password lock needs to be used. Websites can be blocked by the monitoring software program. The monitoring software needs to be effective enough to block the Internet chat rooms too. Young children are often tricked by psychopaths or sadists who pose as children online and trick them into becoming their confidants. Web filtering software helps to avoid such mishaps to a great extent. Monitoring software should be compatible enough to work with all types of web browsers. PNP programs are programs that help browsers to share files. Music files can be downloaded on to IPods and MP3 players. Along with the files, viruses too are downloaded to the computer system. So, the internet filtering software should be able to stop this.

Dangers of the Internet

PC Pandora is an internet filtering software that blocks unhealthy web content and also records the browsing activities and the particular websites that young kids visit. Internet filtering software is a type of firewall that denies access to particular web content that is not advisable for young children as well as adults to view. Statistics reveal that there are over 4.2 million pornographic websites with malicious content that encourage violent and aggressive behavior in teens, preteens, and also working professionals. The Internet has opened up new avenues for trade and business and paved the way for a new marketing strategy. Business has progressed rapidly due to company websites, but it also has lead to problems such as spam emails and viruses. Internet filtering software checks the web pages of a website for any hidden malicious or indecent adult content. Internet filtering software does not affect the speed or performance of your computer. The web filtering software on a computer scans every website that you want to log into, and checks for any adult indecent content before you can gain access to it. If there is malicious content on that particular website, you will not be granted access. Your web monitoring software is automatically activated every time you connect to the Internet, thereby helping to guard against malicious content. With the help of the monitoring software, you can also make sure that your bandwidth is not taken up unnecessary.

Various types of web filters

There are different types of web filters. These are described in brief as given below.
• Client-side filters – Installed as software on your computers, these filters can be customized and has the option of being disabled by entering a password which can turn the filter off.
• Content limited ISPs – offer access to particular websites only.
• Server side filters – users at all access points are restricted by the access policy defined by the organization.
• Search engine filter – search engines like Google or Alta Vista offer the option of turning the web filter on or off, the disadvantage being that if the website address is known, you can gain access to it irrespective of the content.

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