Management of Canadian Domains

Besides wondering how to get a .CA domain name, some of you may have been curious about the CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority) and how it goes about managing all of the Canadian Domains. Well, here’s an explanation of how it all works:

CIRA is run by its members and oversees Canada’s .CA domain name registry. It also devises and puts into effect policies that support the Internet community of Canada, and is the international representative of the .CA registry.

Since CIRA’s creation over a decade ago, .CA expansion has been amazing. There have been more than 1.6 million .CA Domains registered. The yearly growth rate of 14 percent indicates that demand for Canadian Domains is far from running out of steam. Add to that bit of news a renewal rate of 80 percent, and it’s obvious that the Canadian Internet usage is thriving.

As guardians of the .CA Domain space, CIRA plays a vital part in making certain that essential parts of the Internet’s infrastructure in Canada are available without interruption and high security.

Although a firmly established organization, CIRA needs to continue expanding and developing its resources so that it can achieve its long-term goal of becoming one of the top Registries in the world and the Registry that fills all Internet needs for Canadians. Considering what it has already accomplished in setting up Canada’s key Internet infrastructure, consisting of millions of Canadian Domains, CIRA is already well on its way toward future greatness.

There is a 15 person Board of Directors which oversees everything that CIRA does. It is composed of 12 Directors which are elected in an annual vote by CIRA Members, and there are also three Directors who hold non-voting positions.

It is important to CIRA that their board members come from varied professional and geographical backgrounds. The reason for this is that it makes it possible for CIRA to consider a broad range of Canadian opinions in their quest to make .CA the domain name people opt for at all times, and it helps them to better represent the .CA registry on a global stage.

Member participation is essential for CIRA’s continued success. They take part in its Board of Directors and Annual General Meeting. If you have a .CA Domain then membership in CIRA is free.

As part of their ongoing effort to keep the organization as up to date and modern as possible, CIRA simplified the registration process for .CA Domain names in October 2010. They also instituted a totally new registry system.

In a milestone event, CIRA reached 1.5 million .CA Domains registered in October of 2010 and is still going strong. At this point the future seems brighter than ever and CIRA is determined to take advantage of all the prospects that come with such success.

Still seeking ways to make the Internet a better place for Canadian users, in late 2010, CIRA initiated the Canadian Internet Forum. It’s purpose was to open a discussion between Canadians and CIRA members on what the future might hold for the Internet. It was the first time CIRA had attempted such a dialogue and it included issues concerning the governing of the Internet and policies pertaining to the Internet.

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