How Does Friends Tagging on Facebook Become Popular?

Facebook is the social networking place for all friends and family to keep in touch with each other. Facebook provides many cool features to interact with friends and family. The picture tagging system is one of them. This tagging system become popular since the day it was introduced by Facebook a few years ago. The system is easy to use and the concept is self-explanatory, which makes it very popular.

The reasons below explain how the picture tagging system is so popular nowadays.

– Tagging friends and family members on Facebook is so easy. When the system is easy to use, it becomes popular very quickly because people who do not know much about computer and Internet can still understand and use it.

– This concept has never been implemented anywhere else. Because it’s new, and has never been seen anywhere else, it becomes popular as soon as it’s launched.

– This picture tagging system provides values added to users. If you have lots of old friends, it can be difficult sometimes to remember who they are. By tagging them with names will definitely help with your memory, thus it increases the interaction between you and your friends.

– The system provides a fun way to socialize with friends and family members. Tagging your friends and family members with real pictures can be boring sometimes. But, nowadays, you don’t have to tag them with real pictures if you don’t want to. if you are creative enough, you may come up with some cool and funny images to tag them with. Besides, there are Websites, such as, which offers a variety of Facebook tags that you can use to tag your friends. So with this tagging system, it makes the communication with your friends more interesting and makes the social tagging system become very popular.

– One of the reasons how the tagging system becomes very popular because it acts as an ice breaker. If you are shy or have lots of old friends you have not talked for a while, it can be difficult to start the communication by calling or texting. Tagging them with images or pictures that you find on Websites that provides cool and interesting Facebook tag pictures is the effective way to break the ice.

– This picture tagging system becomes trendy because it is a new way to communicate with friends and family. Some people prefer not to say anything. By tagging, they can now express their feeling to others without saying anything at all So, the easier the system can provide to communicate with others, the more popular it will be.

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