Five Lessons App Developers Should Learn

With thousands of apps emerging everyday in the App Store, Android Marketplace and many other Smartphone markets, an app developer certainly need to be an expert and should learn many significant things to outshine in this tough competitive market. Every day users expect something different and app developers are obliged to quench the thirst of the users who are in search of totally distinctive and potent apps. While numerous factors like interactivity, ease of use, purpose of the app, user experience, simplicity, consistency, market trend etc, have a race with each other when it comes to creating a triumphant app, what are the most momentous lessons should an app developer learn to create an outstanding app? Let us explore.

1) Out-of-the-box thinking: This is the most important lesson that every dexterous app developer must learn. No one would like if you serve the same food on the table every day. Change is the only thing that keeps human beings active and refreshed. You can distinguish your app from your competitors’ apps in the market by the outstanding and unique features in yours. First, the app developer should learn about trusting his own app. Only when he trusts that his app will serve the purpose and win across platforms, he can do the magic that is required. Apps that win incomparably always have something innovative in them and that is the real skill of an app developer transformed to his toiled app.

2) Reliability and evenness: Everyone in this world has a unique identity and all of us strive to register such an identity in the minds of our target group. Prolific app developers must learn about reliability and evenness. This does not insist that all your apps must look alike or should have the same features. Instead it states that it should have something unique and special in each and every app that you release. Your users should feel the essence when they start using the app and feel proud of using it. Reliability, constancy, evenness, consistency and trust are the most crucial factors behind creating and maintaining loyal customers. This counts higher and is the purpose behind every business.

3) Simplicity leads: Simplicity is the quickest tool to reach hearts and you can impress anyone with the simple tactics used in your apps. An app is not a thesis paper where you need to unearth all your knowledge with the use of complicated choices, enormous features and commands. An app is mainly used to lighten an intricate task and conquer it easily. This is why you should always go by the KISS (Keep It Simple Smart). You need to prove that your app is simple and easy to use. It is highly necessary that your app wins the users hearts in the first 20 seconds of their time, instilling the first best impression in them. Simplicity is vital and this is the sole reason behind the success of concepts like minimalism.

4) Importance of purpose the behind the app: Every user invests his priceless time in your app and he cannot simply use your app that does not have any rationale in it. Whether it is a Smartphone app or app for your tablets everything should serve a purpose and have a strong substantiating reason behind using it. Your app should be focused on fulfilling its objectives either by solving a particular problem or by serving a particular target group. Apps without an underlying principle cannot withstand the heat of the mobile market and would bounce back in the same pace it was released.

5) Value of users: Time is highly crucial in this monetary world and every minute counts. You cannot simply think that it would take only 10 minutes of the user’s time to understand the working and functionality of your app. Users and their preference are highly essential as they solely contribute to the success or failure of your app. If you fail to grab the attention of your users for the first time, it gradually becomes difficult for the subsequent times as well. Users are the lifeline of every business and your apps should never fail in satisfying their emotional and visual quotient. User centric and apps that are focused on the needs and preferences of your target users can only win the tough app competition among the millions of apps striving hard in the app warfront. If the user is happy with your app functionality, usage, features and uniqueness of your app he’ll never leave it and would spread it extremely with his friends and peer group.

Apart from these things, an app developer should also learn on creating secured, interactive, scalable and winning apps that understands the client base and fits the needs perfectly.

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