Convert Anything You Can Read on the Computer into Editable Text with Screen OCR

Screen OCR uses optical character recognizer technology to convert anything that you can read on the computer screen into editable text. This allows you to copy and edit text from locked documents including protected PDF files and much more. You can also use it to copy text from a program which otherwise doesn’t provide the functionality allowing you to copy text. Screen OCR allows you to copy absolutely anything you want without restrictions. It also provides an automatic scrolling feature so that it can convert an entire document into editable text. Anything which is shown on the screen may be copied and converted; regardless of the program it is being displayed in. The only alternative is the extremely time-consuming task of typing out everything manually.

Screen OCR offers a great solution to anyone who works with text since it can literally save countless hours of time while still providing an exceptional degree of reliability. All text which you can see on the screen is recorded by Screen OCR with an outstanding level of accuracy, making it almost as effective as typing everything out again by hand without the enormous amount of time and effort involved. Regardless of whether the text is on a copy-protected web page, in the form of an image, a scanned document or anything else, Screen OCR will recognize the letters and copy them for you, allowing you to paste the now editable text into your favorite word processing program or other application. Screen OCR is an ideal solution for web designers, writers, interpreters, bloggers, journalists and pretty much anyone else who regularly works with text.

Screen OCR is also especially easy to use. No special knowledge is required and, as soon as you have installed the program, you can quickly figure out how to use it. The interface is presented in a user-friendly way and using the software is largely self-explanatory. When you start Screen OCR, you will first need to choose the selection mode. After this, you can then select the text on the screen which you want to copy and convert into an editable document. Screen OCR will read the text and convert it in a matter of seconds – the software is particularly fast and efficient. Selection modes available include a window selection, customize cursor capture, rectangular section and scrolling capture for situations where you want the program to automatically capture an entire document which cannot all be displayed on the screen at once.

Screen OCR recognizes text in any language, including those which have special characters and diacritics. The Cyrillic alphabet is also supported. Screen OCR can recognize any character sizes from 6 to 72 points making it ideal for reading text in any documents, webpages, emails and more.

The program is stable and reliable and it will run flawlessly on any Windows-based computer including both 32- and 64-bit systems.

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