Build My Rank Review – How to Go About Increasing Your Blog's Page Rank

Google dominates the world of search engines and online searches. It’s the leading search engine online and nobody can beat it. This is why almost all of the traffic that gets generated on the Internet is generated through the Google search engine. If you want your blog to earn tons of traffic you need to make sure that it gets ranked within Google. No matter how new or how old your blog truly is, the ultimate goal of every blogger needs to be ranked for their targeted keywords within this important search engine. If you truly want to achieve this, you will need to raise the page rank of your blog. Here are some easy things that you can do to increase the page rank of your blog.

There are quite a few blog directories online. These are little more than communities or networks built in order to find a bunch of different blogs. As a blogger you can usually submit your blogs for no cost to the majority of these directories. As “payment” you will get backlinks from every directory that you’ve submitted your blog to. These days, a lot of blog directories have good reputations with Google. They also have great Page ranks of their own and that is why it is important to link to them. You can easily search online and create a list of these blog directories. When you’ve got them on hand, the next step is to submit your blog. Just the way that there are blog directories, the Internet also has article directories. The most popular ones are and Most of the time these directories don’t ask for money for submissions. Most of these directories allow you to add a resource box along with the article. In this resource box you can link to your blog. A popular article directory will have a good Pagerank, which means linking to it makes sense. The more articles that you publish in these directories the better off you will be. Start with the popular directories and then slowly move on to the other less popular ones.

If your goal really is to increase the page rank of your blog, you need to focus completely on the efforts you make over the long term. You won’t do it in just one day though so don’t expect to get a high page ranking right away if you are just getting started. Your approach needs to be consistent and patient. You need to make sure that you are putting in all of the effort that you can so that you can gradually raise your page rank over time. Don’t spoil your blog’s reputation by using any fast track methods that don’t make sense. Choosing the most ethical way to get out there and you will be all good.

When you want to get more backlinks, you need to be as consistent as possible. SEO is always changing–this is something that you can’t stop. The pace at which Google changes its rules and algorithms is really quick. What worked for you this morning might not be the best strategy tomorrow morning. The best thing that you can do if you want to increase your page ranking is to keep it stable. If you want to help yourself, building links as consistently as possible is the best way to do that. The more effort that you put into increasing your stability the better off you will be.

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