Adopting the use of Internet monitoring software

Value of Internet monitoring software

Internet monitoring software helps companies to keep a check on their employees, whether they are making use of their time productively or indulging in activities that can be considered detrimental. The employee internet monitoring software records email, text, chat sessions, downloads and accessed websites by the employees. The employers can restrict access to websites, downloads and web surfing. Every keystroke is recorded so that employers can view audio and visual presentations and pictures circulated among the employees. The time spent in these activities is also recorded by the software. Websites such as social networking websites, gambling, porn, etc, can be restricted by the use of the internet monitoring software, as these might lead to the systems being infiltrated by a virus.

Internet usage monitoring is also done to prevent young children from being exposed to the dangers of the Internet as they might be drawn to view forbidden content. Parents who want to avoid this can prevent it by the usage of monitoring software so that they can view their kids’ activities. Institutions such as public libraries, schools and universities also adopt the practice of internet usage monitoring as they can keep a check on a student’s browsing activities. The monitoring software is also used to block download messaging services as this leads to a person using a computer for an extended period of time when there is someone else waiting to use it. Companies and government organizations practice internet usage monitoring as they want to utilize the working time productively and limit the company’s resources and time. Government agencies use the software to find out who is trying to access their confidential news and to safeguard themselves against cyber attacks.

Benefits of Internet monitoring software

Though the Internet is a vast field that offers various opportunities for learning and advancing progressively, it does have many negative aspects also. Cyber bullying and misuse is a large part of general usage of the Internet. It is very crucial that Internet security and email security is not violated. This leads to a secure work status that is trusted by clients and employees of a company.

The Internet monitoring software protects in the following ways. These are –
1. Safe delivery of information between 2 correlating parties – that of the client and a business and helps to safeguard their business and protects their email identities.
2. The Internet monitoring software protects against sexual and racial harassment provides safety against hackers and viruses, possible lawsuits and internal security lapses, etc.
3. To increase the productive value of the company and to stop using the company’s time to shop, browse the Internet, read news, sending personal emails, job searches, trading, etc.

Purchasing the right software

More companies are realizing the usefulness of Internet monitoring software which works as a safety tool for their businesses. In order to select the right software for their companies, they need to keep a few things in mind. These are:

1. Software which is optimized.
2. Interactive software which can easily adapt to the company’s system.
3. Software that is offered by a company with available technical support, real time protection and signature updates.

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